Fuel Saver Kit for all engines. Ecology for all !

Air is an oxidizer: it is used for the combustion of fuel. For a car (an engine in general) its fuel is variable (diesel, gasoline etc.).  The stoichiometric ratios (ratios between fuel combustion and quantity of air used) are therefore variable :

Diesel   1 liter     used     15 000 liters of air  (15 m3)
Gasoline 1 liter     used     17 000 liters of air  (17 m³)
LPG      1 liter     used     16 000 liters of air  (16 m3)
Bioethanol  1 liter     used     8 000   liters of air    (8 m³)
Hydrogen 1 liter     used     30 000 liters of air (30 m³ )

Clearly, for a car consuming 5 liters of diesel, 75,000 liters of air (75m3) is consumed, the volume of a small apartment.

For a truck consuming 35 liters per 100 km, this is about the volume of a 5-story building (525,000 liters of air, or 525 m3).

So what a car consumes the most is air, with a hygrometry rate (average humidity rate) of about 70%. Also, for an average consumption of 5 liters of fuel per 100 km, it is therefore 5 to 7.5 liters of water are also consumed.
The quality of combustion depends on the quality of the fuel and the quality of the oxidizer.  

The market only offers fuel additives. Thus, there are fuels of varying qualities (e.g. normal or excelium diesel, etc.). And there are a lot of fuel additives, both upstream and downstream of the combustion process.

On the other hand, for the oxidizer (air), there is no characterization of its quality (apart from its filtration).

And there is no additive for the air : it is not stored in a tank attached to the vehicle! So it has to be treated online. This is what the Ecopra© Air Drinker Kit does.

The Ecopra©. Kit AIR DRINKER is composed of 5 main elements:
   * an air intake / water collector
   * a micro-bulb with bio-materials (ceramic)
   * a booster tank
   * Thermo-Inox sheaths (hoses)
   * an Ecopra© Reactor ... and air !

It is not energy consuming.

It is autonomous.

It is entirely recyclable.

It adapts to all configurations and generations of engines.

The Ecopra© Kit allows to inform, qualify and additivate the oxidizer upstream of the air filter. In the same way as there are fuel additivities.

1/ The role of the air intake is to collect the air (and the hygrometry rate) in the calender (it is therefore incidentally a water replenishment). It can be connected to the micro-bulb.

2/ The micro-Bulleur allows to charge and to increase a hygrometry rate on a fragment of air.

3/ The different materials and bio-materials such as the ceramic contained in the micro-Bulleur allow to purify the water.

4/ It is thus an air charged with a rate of hygrometry smoothed which transits until the Reactor which has an action of formatting and of comburent qualification by a purely mechanical action. All the energy necessary for this transformation comes from the engine as soon as it starts. This energy is common to all the combustion (boiler or germinator with internal combustion)

5/ The Thermo-Inox ducts are the starting and ending elements of the AirDrinker kit.

The suction of the boiler motor subjects the combustor to a vacuum and activates it. The result is immediate. Lower opacity and less noise pollution.

It is the engine itself that activates the Air Drinker system without any additional energy.

All generations of internal combustion engines (ICE), regardless of their generation or type of carburation or Euro 2, Euro 4, Euro 5 or Euro 6 standards, have one thing in common: the oxidizer, air.

The effects of the modified oxidizer (Artemis and empirical test and accessory pollution test) are :

1/ Modification of the combustion quality: it is more complete and less hot.

2/ Less heat loss: lower exhaust gas temperature (Interest: less dirty exhaust gas, beneficial for global warming).

3/ The oils and consumables (engine oil and coolant) are less hot, the pressure is lower and therefore the water and oil pumps are unloaded (lower mechanical effort) which reduces the engine's own load.

4/ This usually leads to a drop in engine speed (the idle speed drops).

5/ There is therefore energy conservation and saving.

6/ This translates into financial savings (lower cost per km), time savings (higher average driving time because the engine is more responsive), longer autonomy (for the electric generators of power generators) and significant pollution control (lower opacity Co Co² Hc Nox Np Mp).

7/ Reduction of noise pollution up to 5 decibels.

The European Artemis test (European specifications) used by Total for additivated fuel was used by Ecopra for an additivated oxidizer. Nearly 3000 installations provide the same empirical results.

The impact of the additivated formatted oxidizer is 5 to 9 times greater than that of the additivated fuel, both for pollution control and energy savings.

All our research is illustrated by international patents and press articles.

The application is revolutionary by its results but also by no technical anteriority. It answers without delay to an environmental and energy problem.


A man consumes about 15 000 liters of air (15 m³) per day.
To save 1 liter of fuel is to preserve the air of a man per day and at the same time not to pollute the air of 3 men per day.

The fuel saver is generally present in two forms, one is a consumable (oil additive) and the other in the form of system (oxidiser). Fuel (diesel, gasoline, ethanol, gnv, gpl, bio fuel, bio gas) is improved for many years. This is the point common to all vehicles, combustion, air, we have developed our fuel saver by creating an oxidiser. A water doping system based on pantone system.

We offer devices to reduce the consumption of combustion engines. It is an accessory for reducing the fuel consumption of an internal combustion engine. The fuel saver kits we offer, were the first to assemble yourself. Our apparatus for fuel consumption reduction are the first to be placed on the market available to the public in 2007 for gasoline, diesel and gas cars. Since trains, boats, buses, cars, motorcycles, trucks, generator, camper.
ECOPRA designs and manufactures its fuel savers. Our goal is to help you reduces your consumption and reduces
emitted pollution .

With ECOPRA you Save Fuel

We come from the French manufacturing industry, 100% Auvergne.
The technical usability choice of materials manufacturing and design is a pure product that enters the economy ecology and sustainable development. It is legion today.
The kit itself is 100% recyclable. This product is a qualified professional in the automotive distributors. Today it is in other jurisdictions and other projects which complement the range of products ecopra.

Ecopra Economy Ecology sustainable development

Since 2006 ecopra shows that each actor can be an energy saving and consistent action on the environment.
The European government gives the following terminology: the fuel saver should be able to install with ease because otherwise it falls into a category of significant modification that changes the design of the vehicle. The definition of our work is to provide a fuel saver binding to an existing engine. Its simple nature does not change the engine components. Making it easy to install for use identical and unmodified driver.
Therefore if serial is considered a performance manufacturer.
Ecopra is the first company to have offered on the market pantone fuel saver kits. The saver fuel self-assembly on its own passenger car or utility equipment. The water doping democratized hybridized your own vehicle.
Energy saving is an obligation and a duty. We are working on other techniques and products related to sustainable development in collaboration with other companies.
To date Ecopra was the first company to have new vehicles equiped with the manufacturer's agreement with the maintenance of the manufacturer's warranty.
For more information on ecopra and its history, you can read our ecopra brief History.
To see how ecopra and the pantone fuel saver kit were known, you can watch our press, and watch videos.