Fuel Saver Kit for all engines. Ecology for all !


  • Electricity
  • Fuel Autonomy
  • Opacity
  • Compatible
  • Gas UP


Videos and photos of the ecopra fuel saver kit on motorhomes.
The different types of installation of fuel saving kits on trucks converted into camper.
All types of RV are modifiable. Whether or modified vehicles manufacturers. (Pilot, Rapido, Chausson, Challenger ... Hymmer non-exhaustive list).
All the different types of motors are compatible. Whether ethanols diesel fuel or gasoline.
Exceptional vehicles that are manufactured in eco materials.
Vehicles that are equipped with all generations (1970-2013).
Kits that are removed from a vehicle and mounted on another one.
Decreases opacities of gas were found nearly 80%.
Fuel savings of 20-30%.
Increased driving comfort is noticed by the decrease in noise in the cabin.