Fuel Saver Kit for all engines. Ecology for all !

Our responsibility is to help you save fuel and reduce your pollution.
Fuel economy is possible whether you have a fleet of leased vehicles, a particular or a company car.
The ecopra oxidizer kit based on the Gillier Pantone system (GEET) is constantly improved. Its evolution is continuous.
The new "Air Drinker Drinker" kit can respond to rapid application installation and profitability.
The Ecopra system can be installed on any vehicle with a combustion engine:
   Diesel, Bio Fuel, GAS CNG, LPG.

Consume less fuel

Our customers have already installed it on engines like:

Videos and photo galleries of ecopra installation, achievements are available on our website:

Examples of reductions in fuel consumption are recorded every day. The number of "Gas up"  in a year decreases and the economy is palpable.

Less Gas UP

Our distributors and resellers can offer you specific packages on request (distributor).

The pantone ecopra kit can also be installed by yourself.

The new level of GEET system.